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I need a beauty spell to help me im not trying to be greedy but i need one, but my question is where can i get spell kits in texas without ordering online?

Greetings! Here is a beauty spell for you. You do not have to order anything online. Usually, we can work magick with many of the things in our home or backyard. For this spell, it is good if you can stand naked in the light of the Full Moon. If this is not possible, wear the thinnest cotton (no polyester) robe that you have so that the moonbeams can charge your skin through the thin fabric. Moon is the personification of magick, romance and feminine power. This is an ancient Romany spell used to create and preserve beauty in women. Stand in the light of a full Moon and imagine that you are bathing in moon beams. “Wash” your face, your neck, shoulders, body, arms, legs etc and spread the moonbeams all over your body. Imagine the moonbeams permeating your body and empowering you, making you look gloriously beautiful. Absorb as much of the moon’s energies as you can. Speak to the Goddess about what is troubling you. Any imperfections that are bothering you, loss of hair, energy, vitality, weight issues, etc. Speak candidly and request the powerful Goddess to guide you to a beautiful, happy, existence on Earth. Watch for a response from the Moon. If you see no change, that is a good sign. If the Moon glows even more, then you are in Luck. you will find solutions to your worries soon. If you see it darkening or a cloud covers it, then you will realize that some of your habits may be making you feel this way and healthier changes like diet, exercise or attitude is necessary. Repeat this spell at every Full Moon. Allow yourself to feel and behave like the beautiful person you are inside.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Dzovor Yvonne says:

    i ve been down for so many years just because am not pretty and have no good shape either.anyone i ask for help from ask for money.i really dont have.please you are my only last me please before counting on you.thanks

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