How can I get rid of my scar?

dearest rose, this is parul.i took your 7 days magick mini course for whichcraft.i have taken it yesterday night and would be starting with it today. i hav a problen my leg just got a burn from a bike`s silencer which was hot and the burn is fine now,but it has left a very ugly scar.i really want to get rid of it looks horrible. please suggest me how can i get it removed.please help me soon. yours faithfully: parul

Greetings Parul. I am so happy that you are diligently following the magick mini course. I am also glad to hear that your burn has healed and you are okay now. Scars are marks that are left so that you will remember to take more care of the healing body. Our body is self-healing and as the years go by, you will see that the scar gets lighter and lighter as new skin grows over it. To hasten this process, you can work this spell: Gather some jasmine flowers at sunset. Jasmine is used for aura repair and psychic protection. Also get some sandalwood incense and sandalwood soap. If you can get some jasmine attar, it will be even better. On a full moon day, get ready for a bath. If you have a bath tub, light some candles around it and sit in the warm water in which jasmine petals are floating. Also use the sandalwood soap taking care to rub it all over your body visualizing your leg without the scar. As you visualize, see yourself out walking with friends, playing, jogging, taking a bath, etc and purposefully imagine your leg without the scar. If you do not have a bath tub, just take a nice hot bath and then sit down to an altar with lit candles, sandalwood incense and a bowl full of jasmine petals. Either way, this will hasten the healing process and get your scar to become less noticeable. Be patient with your body. It is more important to heal insides first (emotionally and physically) before worrying about the external damage. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Shrave says:

    I care a lot, about others even before myself. I have outer and inner scars. I get you saying heal the emotional and physical ones. I’m no Wicca. Just looking into self help, for me.

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