How can we get rid of our partners and marry each other?

well i am in love with this lady for 5 y she also loves me alot the onyl problem we both married and our current parteners not willing to give us a divorce as we r sweet and they also know they cant find people like us i wanna know like frankly n honestly do spells work in such situation and like spells are like what we call THE SECRET like u influence the energy field around us to get what ever u want it might be love person maney too.thier r so many frauds on the internet i would love to know if spells really work? and how can i get my lover to me ,how to get a divorce from my present partener and can i get money to by using these spells

Magick is rarely used for negative purposes. Let me elaborate: It is wonderful that you love each other. However, life is not just about ourselves. If a lot of other people are affected and hurt by our actions, we have to be very, very careful how we deal with such situations. Otherwise, the hurt that we give to others, even if it was unintentional, will return to hurt us even more deeply in the future. Life is a cycle. We do good to others, good is returned back to us. We hurt others, we get hurt in the future. There is no doubt about that. When each of you met your partners earlier in life, I bet that you were in love or at least cared for each other enough to marry each other. And if you have had children, then you have much more to lose by walking away from your marriages. Think of the fact that you are now “out of love” with your partner. How long do you think this new relationship of yours will last? At this point, with the new possibilities in your imagination, you may think it will last a long time. However, romance has a way of getting into a rut when life becomes normal. We see only the rosy parts before we get to know each other and later, we may end up only seeing the negative traits of each other. Like I said before, life is a cycle. What happened to your earlier marriage can happen again. So think carefully before hurting your partners and children if any. Their sorrow may affect your happiness with any other mate in the future. If you are really certain and want to get away from the previous marriages, then discuss it with your current partner, give them what they need (money, security, comfort, visits, etc) and leave the marriage in peace. This way, there will be harmony in your new relationship as well as in your old ones. Romance and Love can be blinding, but we need to always remember that these times are fleeting! Real life is maturely working through the difficulties that occur everyday and learning to co-operate, adjust and think of everyone else’s happiness as well as yours.

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    Its a very nice answer i must say that you have answered in the right manner and i completely agree with what you say you are really a nice human being…..

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