Why do I have premonitions?

Hey Rose i haven’t really ever beleaved in god but all of a shudden im getting signs that god is pushing me to goto church, i have a feeling like something big is going to happen on earth and its comming very soon. I dream things that come true and i have even tryed to change the outcome in real life, i think about people for about a week who i havent seen in years and then i see them in the street, i can feel what my ex lovers are doing and where they are now, i usually imagine my friends doing things which turns out they were doing exactly the things i imagined. My mum has been to a lady to get reading and apperantly me and my two brothers are all 7′s which doesnt mean alot to me, my dad also has feelings and knowledge about things that happen before they do in real life, i just wanted to know what is going on and the thing about the world and god is troubling me becuase i feel something huge is about to happen and with every passing day its getting stronger, any thoughts ????

Greetings! It is wonderful to know that you are psychic and have premonitions; the ability to see things before they happen. It seems that this power is a genetic trait. You should consider yourself pretty lucky. What you need to do is to find the difference between premonitions and the experiences when your imagination getting carried away. Sometimes, when we are anxious about something, we may allow our imagination to run away and “see” horrible things happening to us or others in our circle. When you “see” the future, it usually will come out of the blue – without much contemplation. As you learn to distinguish between your imagination and your psychic abilities, you will feel better and stronger. It may be a good idea to jot down your thoughts as they appear and see how many of them came true. God wants nothing from us. We need spiritual support and hope. And each of us can connect to this creative power (that people call by many names ) in our own way, at a time that is just right for each one of us. When you can easily distinguish between the real and the imaginary occurrences, you can use it to help others. Nothing is as fulfilling as helping another soul, especially if you can help them regain their peace of mind. Finding lost articles, locating lost family members, solving crimes, connecting to the relatives who have passed on to other realms, etc. are some of the various applications of your special power of prophecy. Many wise people in the world had this gift and used it to pass on their wisdom to the rest of the world.

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  1. ricky says:

    I guess premonitions and precongnition are normal which happens with all of us. It is not like seeing future but there something out there for sure which warns you what’s gonna happen?

    The idea is dont keep it to yourself share your premonitions with the world, refer the link above it guide you to a web page where you can record your premonition with date and time stamp and if they would come true then no one would accuse of gaining publicity and you can also help people like me who are researching on this subject.

  2. ShadoW says:

    hello i am having alot of vision and every one of them are seeming to come true as all of u are talking about preminotions i was wondering if some one could explain this to me thanks.

  3. catherine nethercot says:

    a few times over several months/years i speak of things without thinking and they come true!a few week ago i spoke of a friends mother as an example in a conversation refering to a death of an other friend, a week ago the friends mother died! i didnt no friends mother was ill and havnt spoken to the friend in atleast 12months!this has really through me i said to my husband if ur friends mother dies for example whom u havnt seen for over 6years would you go to the funeral as my friend parent died whom i had not seen for years husband said yes i would go for then to find out two weeks later she had died.

  4. jo says:

    I have visions of events prior to them happening, on one occassion i was walking with my husband; a group of youths where about 100 yards in front of us, in my mind i saw the tallest one reach for a bar and hit my husband in the face with it, the rest of group crowding round my husband. Just as I saw in my mind this happened.
    I also will be out and a person i have not seen for ages will pop into my thoughts, then as i walk round the corner i see them.
    I have thoughts of conversations prior to them happening.
    is this psychic ability or coincidence worst of it is my dad died last year and i dont get any voices or visions of him, though i have asked for butterflies and minutes later i see one, i have experienced coat hangers falling from a door light bulbs smashing for no reason when i try and contact him, please can you explain this for me.
    Jo x

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