What is Telekenisis?

What is telekenisis?

Greetings. Telekinesis is the term used to define the ability of the mind to influence circumstances in a way that is unknown to the current scientific community. Most of the current methods of scientific testing are not advanced enough to tell us when or how this type of communication of connection is at work. Currently, for most of us including the scientific community, seeing is believing. What we can see with our senses, that is our sight, smell, sound, touch and taste is all we can understand. Anything beyond the senses is not “accepted” by the so called experts of our generation.. The word Telekinesis comes from the Greek word which means the “motion of the mind orsoul”. As many of us magickal people know, telekinesis is just another way by which humans can communicate with each other and with spirits of other realms. Of course, if we sit around with the limited instruments such as a multimeter and a thermometer, we may never “see” anything happening :) Some people are so evolved that they can easily communicate psychically, see auras and heal without even touching or being near a sick person. Anyone who had learned or is good at Reiki, meditation or just simple affirmation or prayers know that words are not necessary for communication. Others who are interested in telekinesis may need to practice daily by trying to communicate with others and hone their skills at extra-sensory communication skills. What you can do is to keep practicing whenever you can. 1. When you see a row of tellers at the bank, guess which one will be serving you. Try not to think logically. Just look at all of them once, close your eyes (or look elsewhere) and randomly choose one. 2. When at a grocery store, again, glance at the row of cashiers when you go in and guess the one who will be tallying up your groceries 3. Try to think deeply about a friend for about 2 minutes. Call them up and ask them if they were thinking of you. Ask them to do the same during the day and compare timings. When you are working on some project or chore and “out of the blue” you think about someone, then they are thinking about you telekinetically!! :) Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings!

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  1. dreamgirl2894 says:

    I think i have this, but it’s with someone who lives in california. I’ve had 17 shared dreams with this person and it’s been happening for a year now. I was wondering if it’s possible to track your telekenisis buddy?

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