Spell to conquer fears

I am looking for a spell to conquer fears. I am recently single and looking to broaden my horizons, problem is I have a crippling fear of driving on the highway. I would love to be able to overcome this so I can be comepletly freen and not have to depend on anyone to drive me distances. Thank you!!

Greetings! It must be very difficult to be single again and having to do things that you fear. However, many of us have been there at one time or another and are now driving on the highway doing too many things at one time such as fiddling with the radio or CD player, snacking, putting on makeup, etc. The highway is just a road. It has several lanes and getting in and out is easy if you go slowly. Usually people stay far away from slow cars. Get a nice pouch and put these three stones in it – a bloodstone, a clear quartz and one black tourmaline. Keep the pouch in your car beside you every time you drive on the highway. Whenever you are worried, touch the stones and say the mantra below. Once in a while, cleanse the stones by washing them with lightly salted water or putting them out in mild sunlight. In the morning, before you go out, light one incense stick and meditate for three minutes. Imagine yourself getting into teh lanes slowly, looking to the side from which the traffic is allowing you to merge, imagine nice, concerned people around you who will allow you to get into the highway and into the lane that you are comfortable in. It is only that moment in which we try to merge with the traffic that causes anxiety in many of us. Once we are on the highway, it is like a road, all you need to do is stick to your lane. If you worry, say this mantra: Gracious Goddess Protect me Banish my fear So mote it be! Soon you will be cruising the highways like everyone else :) Brightest Blessings!

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