How do I get powers?

i need poweres

As you may know, though it seems likely not, witchcraft is not all about getting powers. Most witches believe that there are psychic powers out there that humanity has ignored and lost touch with, but very few of them have or even claim to have the ability to stop time, blow people up or get a video replay of the future. That’s a television show and it’s fiction. Real witches, sometimes, have the ability to know things that they have no way of knowing, feel your pain, make predictions about the future and sometimes, communicate with one another over long distances. There powers, generally, are subtle and geared around knowledge, as most witches began their quest in a search for knowledge. Some witches also have the limited ability to heal people, usually minor ailments, but sometimes the big stuff too. And, witches abhor greed. Most of us believe you should never use a spell for personal gain, though for personal survival is generally acceptable. That is why most money spells will make sure your needs are met, not that you get a new ferrarri. And, as with any skill, powers come through practice. If you are a devoted witch, learning and practicing your craft daily, the powers will come. If you are just a greedy person looking for magic powers as a way to make your life easier or better, the Goddess knows and she doesn’t reward ignorance or greed.

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  1. Floyd Williams says:

    Is it possible to get financial results from the 7 day free trial lessons or will I need to invest money into your course first?
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  2. brian says:

    i think i have the ability to see into the future through dreams. is there anyway i can increase my power?

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