I am a young witch and i am trying to learn levitation is it possible?

Brightest Blessings! Over the years, many people have proven that levitation is possible. However, it is a principle of mind over matter and it takes decades to reach that stage where you can actually make your body weightless! If you are serious about levitation and would like to learn it anyhow, start meditating at least an hour a day. Everytime you reach a certain level of consciousness, strive to move to the next level! It takes a lot of meditation and hard work along with unshakable determination to achieve success in levitation. If you are deeply determined to reach your goal, you will ! When you have reached a certain mental level, try to bend small objects such as hairpins or small forks etc. If you really work at it, you will certainly be able to bend a spoon or fork and thereby change the physical properties of matter by using your WILL. As you get stronger, you can take lessons from the yogis in India on the higher levels of meditation. Some yogis have proven that they can levitate and there are many accounts of levitation which were analyzed and proven valid. Anytime we strengthen the mind, we become stronger in controlling the external energies. If we keep at it, I have no reason to doubt that one day we will be able to provide lasting proof that human beings can levitate without magic and tricks! Hope this answers your question! Blessed Be!

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  1. Chris says:

    how do i meditate?

  2. Harry Potter says:

    I can make people levitate but I cant do it meself

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