I Want My Boyfriend Back…..

i love my boy friend,now we break i want him back…

Hello there dear, I am sorry to hear that you and your boyfriend are on a break and that you want him back. Is he not receptive to the idea of reconciliation? My first bit of advice to you would be to go and talk to him. Tell him that you would like to get back together and see if he is at all receptive to the idea. You can discuss where your relationship is and where it is going…. If what you are asking for is a spell to make him come back to you, well… let me explain…. One of the most common questions that I hear is something along the lines of, “Is there a way / spell that will make someone want to be with me / love me?” Well, the short answer is, “No… there is not.” One of the core precepts of the Wiccan faith is to harm no other. If you are weaving spells or intoning rituals which are meant to sway the minds of others, then you are by definition harming them. Free will is one of the most precious gifts we have been granted. Spells and rituals that are designed to infringe upon that free will and force others to do things by your design, instead of in accord with their own will, steals that most precious of gift from them. In addition, whatever feelings or desires that they manifested for you would never be real or honest, but would instead simply be the manifestation of the magics. Would you really want to be with someone under those circumstances? Never really knowing if their feelings for you were genuine… or simply the product of magic? So, in this particular case, my best advice to you is to take the time and put in the effort to do things the old fashioned way. After all, anything really worth doing is certainly worth doing right. If it is meant to be, then there is no need to rush or hurry things – and you will be much happier in the long term from having not done something you would likely regret.

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  1. elina says:

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  2. desmond says:

    I think that from now on I will now have to leave with smile on my face. My spells seems to be working in the most powerful way. Yesterday Tom came home and fell on his knees while begging that I give him a second chance. The scene was unbelievable, especially from him who is such a proud man usually! I thank you spell caster on [email protected] for giving me all I asked for: my revenge and my man back. I hope it will last forever as you said.

  3. larssen says:

    My man just sent me a text message. He wants to meet me and knows he made a huge mistake when he left me. I can’t believe this happened so fast as the wizard spell caster told me it would take up to 3days. but It’s a very good surprise to see results happening. I will come back with more comment and tell how how things went. Thank you so much

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