How can I make my life better?

I think i contacted you before about my problems, and my inability to change my situation. Things just keep getting worse and worse. I dont exactly have the money to spend on the magic stuff you wanted me too to turn this all around, and everybody i know says its a scam. i dont know what to believe anymore, i always thought that being a good person and doing the right things would keep bad things from happening to me. I found out that my roomate is moving in a month and wasnt going to tell me and now i to find a roomate fast or im on the streets. Girls treat me like im the scum of the earth, i dont get respect at work, and i dont have very many friends. I am always alone(i try to meet girls, but it never works out, in fact i have been stood up four times, and rejected by several other girls in the past few months. I have no idea why my life is falling apart, and why whenever i try to turn it around it only makes things worse. I have tried to be religious and accept faith in my heart, but it doesnt help and i dont trust or buy it anymore! I feel like im backed into a corner with no way out, and that if there is a god he is going out of his way to keep me miserable. I am very tempted to give into the teachings of satanism, and get the dark forces to help me out since the so called good religion is just crapping all over me. I dont know what to do, any suggestions that would make my life slightly better?

There is no need to spend money on magic to make your life better, or to turn to Satanism either.

However, you do need to take responsibility for your own life and not constantly rely on others. I know that it is very expensive to live without a roommate. Is his name on the lease?  Can you force him to pay his half the bills?  Why is he moving out?

Why have the women you have met stood you up?  Did you make it difficult for them to turn down your request for a date? 

The first thing you need to do to get your life on track is to take a good look at what is going wrong and why. Sometimes men look at only the wrong type of woman and then wonder why they are constantly hurt.

Have you asked out a simple, nice girl who maybe isn’t the most beautiful woman you know but is genuinely nice? When you found your current roommate, did you protect yourself with a lease or a written agreement about who pays what?

It is important that you conduct a real self-evaluation and determine what is really right and wrong with your life. Make a list of the things that are good and the things that are bad and then consciously make a list of the things you can do to try to fix them.

For example, if “I’m lonely” is on your list of bad things in your life, join clubs or attend lectures to meet people. Do not simply go to things where you can meet women. As a woman, I guarantee you, we can spot a man who is simply looking for a girlfriend and we don’t need the pressure.

Instead, look for friends, for hobbies that interest you and you will find that often relationships follow. Stop trying so hard to correct everything in your life all at once and pick one area to concentrate on and then go from there.

If your most immediate need is for a roommate, try placing an ad in the newspaper or on craigslist to find a roommate. Talk to friends to see if they know someone else who might need a roomie. In short, take action to change your life instead of looking for a magic cureall.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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