Are their Christians who also believe in things mystical?

Is there a such thing as a “christian” spiritualist.I believe in God and Jesus as being our saviour ,however I also strongly believe in mediumship, the astral plane and other occult-like practices. I also believe that God is not in a box and there are many ways for one to become enlightened.Are there people out there who consider themselves christian But also share in the belief of some aspects of the occult,If so,what are they called?

I’m not sure what you would call the people that you are looking for, but they do exist. As you may hav enoticed, many aspects of Christianity and the Wiccan faith are very similar, it just that some Christians believe that all things mystical are inherently evil.

Since you don’t fall into that category, I would just continue with your quest toward enlightment in whatever manner you are currently using. Some people combine the Christian and Wiccan faiths. Others stick completely to their Christian faith, but research other faiths as a way of expanding their knowledge.

One site I am particularly fond of is a site called The site is based out of Canada and has a wealth of information on alot of different religions and how they interact with one another. It has information on everything from Wicca and Christianity to Islam and ancient Aztec practices. It is a good source of information and has a great many essays comparing major religions.

I would also suggest that you might want to look into some philosophy courses or reading about Eastern religions including the Tao and Buddism. Many of them offer a very different point of view from American religions and American thought processes.  It’s always good to expose your mind to different ways of thinking. Confucianism is also an interesting read and good way to get a different frame of reference.

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  1. Tirah says:

    I myself believe in God, but every church I ever went to it felt like something was missing and I didn’t quite agree with them about stuff. I also have always been interested in the wiccan belief since I was a kid, I find it beautiful (and not cuz of the magick)….I always ended up going back to reading up on it, but then would get discouraged because I do believe in God, but then I read this article online at about christianity and wicca and that article is what made up my mind. The part that stuck out most was that God wants us to worship him….no matter how. In my mind I think Wicca is wonderful way to worship God. Wicca is about nature, knowing yourself, and many other stuff and what better way to worship God then also acknowledging his work (nature) and learning to accept yourself also. A lot of wiccans might choose a certain god or goddess to worship, but instead I worship God. I acknowledge many things in both faiths and blend them together. Truthfully, I find both similar in many ways, and I don’t believe God is a cruel god like some churches say, and I think He would be happy with my choice.

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