Can a spell help me find an assistant?

Hello Rose, My wife and I are new wiccans and have been very successful thus far. However, one of best successes was properity and we exceeded in the last four years more than we could ever expected. We recently bought a business with the extra money we gained which in turn has made even mire successful. We love the fact the we are so busy and making more money than we ever dreamed of before, but now, we work 12-14 hour days, 6-7 days a week and are starting to have health problems we never worried about before. Is the such a spell that could redirect this energy? Maybe a spell to bring an experinced manager to me. I ran an ad in the paper for an operations  manager and had atleast 100 resomes from it but I wanted someone with experience specific to my type of business. Wouls a spell like that be dangerous or what should I do. Magick started this so magick wiull have to be the solution. Thanks, Jerry


It is so nice to hear that your prosperity spell has worked so well for you, but it also sounds as though your prosperity has been the result of lots of hard work that you and your wife have put in over the last four years.

I would suggest a general protection spell, aimed particularly at your health and that you also cast a guidance spell, asking for assistance in finding someone with the right experience to assist with your business, you may find that it is not necessary for an operations manager to have exactly the same type of experience as your business.

 It may be more important to find someone who shares you outlook toward business management and who is willing to work hard for you and your business. Often,  it is not the specific type of business management experience that matters. A good manager can transfer experience in almost any field to a different field. The more important question should be if you can find someone who will be as devoted to your business as you are.

Asking for guidance through a spell may help you eliminate the applicants that would be detrimental to you and your business. And, a protective spell for your health and your wife’s health may be the best way to make sure that the negative health effects of long days and hard work.


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  1. andygrace says:

    I have your booklets and discs and have taken the course.
    I am still working. I do have a few questions. My number
    is 11 so am I a 2? I picked the name Andygrace but
    my real name is Amy but I cannot do the numerology to
    figure out if it is a good name for me. Also,
    What is the name of your assistant?
    I cannot find this information and it is bugging me.
    Thanks for the answer.

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