My ring has bad karma, how do I get rid of it?

I have this friend that has a ring, and she said that she got it from a evil person a long time ago and one day she went to clean out her closet and she said that she had not cleaned out for 2yrs and she – there it was. She has her health in one corner – according to Feng Shui and this ring is messing up her health corner and that she wants to get rid of the ring. What is the best way for her to get rid of it? To get rid of the bad karma it contains? Is there a spell to remove the negativity from this ring?

I would take the ring and throw it into a deep lake or the ocean. Even if you do that, it would be good to cleanse the house try this

A Blessing or Banishing to Cleanse a House

To banish an evil imprint, if the house blessing is insufficient, walk around the house, chanting into every room, as well as cupboards and attic if applicable:

“Be comforted. All is well. Now you are blessed. You have life to nurture and nurture you. Be calm. Be easy. Be comforted. You are blessed.”

You may include a hand-blessing, projecting calm and happiness with your lifted hands. You may want to cheer and brighten certain rooms with a few dancing steps to bring gaiety. It would be best to do this in the room where the ring was found and speaking into the closet and toward the ring.

Even if and when you get rid of the ring, you need to rid the home of the unwanted problems. The first priority is to put everything in its proper place. Clean the house and open the windows. Move to your left and anoint the doors, windows and any other openings with a mixture of these items: water, fennel, oats, pine and sage. These represent all the elements of the Majick circle. You can place the herbs in water and let them steep., then strain and use the herbal tea. As you work your way through the house, visualize a bright light pouring from your hands to every area of your house. Then say:

Where light dwells, all darkness flee: Spirit move away from me. This home is mine, I will not fear. Your presence is not welcome here.

Work through the entire house and repeat this process in each room. When you are finished, work your way around the exterior of the house. You can refrigerate or freeze the leftover water for future use. Go back inside the house and move clockwise through each room and burn these herbs: basil, dill and marjoram. The herbs will encourage blessing and joy. Invoke protection from the goddess and then close the windows. This will leave the negativity outside.

A Warning It is good to talk with an experienced psychic before using this spell.

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  1. chucky says:

    i have really bad karma how get rid of it?

  2. matthew says:

    how do you get rid of bad carma!

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