I’m afraid to tell my parents about my belief in Witchcraft, can you help?

I m an 8th grader and I just started the craft. I m so comfortable with it and I m ready to learn every thing I can about it but my parents would be against me learning it and I hate hiding things from them but I don t know how to tell them. Can you give me some advice to explain to them how wonderful and beautiful witchcraft is?

My first words of advise are to tell you parents. I never suggest hiding anything from your parents. You must be prepared for the fact that they will probably have issues with your choice. It sounds like you anticipate this hurdle when you talk with them.

One of the first things you need to know is that individuals under the age of 18 do not have the legal right to make decisions to pursue any religion other than their parent s religious pursuits.

Wiccan covens usually insist on written permission from a parent or guardian to allow someone under 18 to be involved with them. Keep in mind that your parents are concerned about your well being and misinformation or lack of information will probably lead them to overreact. Start by asking your parents what they think about Wicca. You might watch Sabrina or Charmed on TV. They don t reflect actual beliefs, but discussing them can help you begin to understand their thoughts. The book “Where to Park Your Broomstick” by Lauren Manoy has a section for parents who learned their children are interested in Wicca. There are also many online forums where you can talk to other teens.

Also, be careful when getting involved with a new group of people. This is true in any situation. Do not give out your personal information right away. Always meet for the first time in a public place. You should have a chance to get to know the members of a coven, their beliefs and thoughts before committing yourself. If you are pressured or feel uncomfortable, keep looking for a coven where you feel that you belong. Just because a group say they are Wiccan and welcome you, that doesn t mean they are who they claim to be. Its better to take your time and be sure you are among friends.

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  1. Kady says:

    Sweetheart, if you believe the wiccan way is your way, you have every right (legality notwithstanding) to walk that path. Talk to your parents. Tell them that you respect their opinion and want to be forthright with them about your own beliefs. Ask them if they have questions or concerns, and be ready to answer. Reassure them, if needed, that you are not mixed up with drugs or “the devil” or “the wrong people”. Tell them that wicca is based upon love, light, peace, life. Tell them you’re healthier and happier than ever before. And 8th grader or no, do not take “no” for an answer from them. If they react negatively, tell them, “I’m really sorry you feel that way. I love you, but this is who I am. If you can’t accept it now, I’m willing to talk about it another time.”

  2. Dear young witch. I know exactly how it feels to be a new witch. You feel like “fair game” for people to mess with you and hurt your feelings. The thing is, you are fair game but that is the obsticile that youll over come. Ive just turned 18 and my Wiccan sisters have appointed me High Priestess. Im learning all I can and I know what the pressures of a witch feel like. I also have a young witch sister your age. I hear the things she goes through all the time. I wish you luck on your journey! Hold you head high and never stop studying. There are always things to learn. Blessed Be young witch!

  3. Nickoline says:

    im in 6th grade with no sisters or brothers. iv been practing the Craft 4 a while now. but my parents dont no.im not sure how to tell them ether. im afraid they might get dissipointed in me and start making me go 2 chirch evry sundat, wearind crosses, and that would make me feal a little weird. Im in a Pickle but i want u to no dat ur not alone.
    Blessed Be

  4. Patricia says:

    Im only in grade 6.
    But.. My Parents Dont Know..
    Im Scared My Parents Will Get Mad Or Upset..
    Im Scared That People Will Think Im Weird Especially My Friends..
    I Dont Wanna Tell Anybody.
    I Know I HAVE To,
    But How?
    -Shy Witch

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