I need a spell to help me find my path, can you help?

I need help! I can t seem to get a grasp on my life. I was sexually, emotionally, and physically abused as a child. I married to young, had 2 children (girls) at age 17+. My ex husband was a beer drinking, women chasing, unfaithful husband. I finally divorced him. My daughters finally married. I finally told the man I ve been with that I believe & participate in the craft. He has been making fun of me! I feel just awful! What am I to do?? Is there a spell that I can cast on me, to help me find my path? Can you help me?? I know that you aren t accustomed to getting this type of story. But, I m lost! Can you help?


I want to start by saying I am so sorry for the trials you have been through. I discovered that some people will never accept us as we are and it doesn t seem to matter what we have done or accomplish. It does hurt when people are cruel to us, but you cannot live your life to please them. Your daughters are old enough that they need to accept you and let you see your grandchildren. I feel that you are entitled to a life of your own. Do your daughters life their lives to please you? I figure the answer is no . So, why do you need to live to please them?

Take a close look at your relationship with this new man in your life if he makes fun of the craft which is important to you. Can you explain more about your beliefs in order to help him understand? If not, you need to decide if the relationship will make you happy and make you feel fulfilled. Someone needs to give you a break, and I learned long ago that we have to make our own opportunities.

I like the first priority is for you to learn to love yourself and that will help you focus on the things you need for yourself. I found this spell which is involved, but I think will be a good start for you.

You need: a mirror (not in a compact) and 2 candles of any color Pink is good because it will bring you friendship and romance.

Find a comfortable place and sit for awhile.

Place the candles on either side of the mirror. Light the candles and remove any artificial light.

Now, sit in front of the mirror and gaze at your reflection. Be sure you are sitting in a comfortable position and relax.

Notice all your good qualities and focus on those. Speak out loud and say how wonderful each of these qualities are as you notice their shape and color. Speak about them out loud. Do this about each of your best qualities.

Take time to smile at yourself and tell yourself how wonderful you are.

List all the positive facets of your personality, name the beautiful traits and things that make you special. Say them aloud and speak with confidence. This will become easier after you have done it a couple of times and it will build your self confidence. Say these words or something else that suits you better

” I am beautiful inside and out, I am wonderful within.
I am special unto myself,
So let the love come in,
Negative thoughts, they vanish,
I now toss them out.
Negative feelings, be banished,
To let my love shine out.”

Repeat this at least five times per session. Perform this ritual as often as possible, once a day is suggested. You can reuse the candles, but do not blow them out since this is an insult to the Air and Fire. You can use a snuffer or wet your fingers and pinch out the flames.

Spells are more effective when you make them personal, so adjust the chant to fit your thoughts and needs. You can also find a penchant on a chain and drape it over the mirror while you perform the spell. Each time you repeat the spell it gains strength. Over time you will see a difference in the number of people who approach you, because they are attracted by your self confidence.

All my best to you.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

7 Responses to “I need a spell to help me find my path, can you help?”

  1. Melissa says:

    Claire, I want to express my sympathy for your plight, and I wanted to let you know that you are not alone in it. I have been following the craft for over 10 years now and I have had all kinds of responses to my declaration of the craft, most of them less resentful than you might think. I have had several relationships during that time which had different outcomes for each, but as a whole the men in my life have either ignored my beliefs all together or poked fun at it. Eventually I met my current man and he is all I could hope for and more. Not only does he aknowledge the craft as a verifiable religion he is willing to have a handfasting in place of the “traditional” wedding. You can find someone to support you and when you do it will be the most Magickal experience you have ever had. Hold on girl there are bigger and better things out there and the Lord and Lady will guide you as long as they know you are trying. Blessed be.

  2. Cindy says:

    Dear Master,

    My daughter 18 years old, but she don’t treat me well and listen to me, she moved to guy house stay, I am worry she cheated by guy, can you teach me what spell can I do and let her listen to me, please help me, please . Thank you.


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  4. melanie jenkie says:


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  5. Kay says:

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  6. Bernard says:

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  7. happy says:

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