Is Witchcraft bad? Do you idolize Satan?

is witchcraft bad??, do you idolize satan?? pls., answer me.. i’m fun of brooms .. nad etc..

Merry Meet Seeker,
Have you ever met Satan? It is just an imaginary idea that was derived by so called “religions” to drive fear into the minds of people. As humans, all of us are powerful and can easily create love and joy wherever we go. However, the powerful and rich beyond any means (tithing) powers that control most religions wish to keep most humans under their control. Those who can see their wicked ways will understand why they came up with the concept of Satan and Devil and so on.
It is easy to come up with ideas that can hurt humanity. However, in the midst of all this greed and hunger for power, there are some practices which bring amazing joy to humans. The religions such as Hinduism and Wicca focus on the beauty and power of humans everywhere in the world. People flock to these calm and peaceful religions because they see what the world needs to see. The most important message there peaceful religions adhere to is that every human being regardless of where they are born, in what form they were born, are equal inhabitants of this Earth and enabled with spiritual powers that will help them live the best life they can.
Some of the powerful, wasteful and fearsome religions spend a lot of money to prove that they right, that humans are not worth it if they do not follow them, etc. They have created Satan and other imaginaly realms such as heaven and hell as though they created them. Another warring religion speaks of killing people so that they can get many virgins in after life. The crazy religions go on and on while a few good ones do not threaten or goad or intimidate to increase their numbers.
Wicca does not even recognize Satan, an imaginaly entity which was created by Abrahamic religions. Witchcraft is the oldest way of life which began when humans realized their inherent powers. Wicca is among the best of the religions because it gives the power back to the people. Witchcraft is the way of the past as well as of the future!
Brighest Blessings.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. grace says:

    Hai rose,

    I wonder iff you can tell me how or what i can do to make my husband want to be at home when i am at home with my 2 sons in the evening or day, and not to let him go outside hanging around with friends instead.
    Because whenever some friends call him he always go outside ,me and the boys want him to be home with us and have a quait evening at home as a famyli. and how can i make him do more pleasant things with me and the boys i really miss that family thing.
    do you have some spell for me please.
    thanks, yours

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