Can I be a Wiccan and still believe in God?

Hi Rose, I have recently found out that I have been spiritually connected with witches and the idea of the craft and don’t know how to start. I was a Christian most my life but it didn’t feel meaningful to me. Basically I am saying that it is hard for me to let go of God and Jesus even though my soul is telling me that I have witch in me (Celtic peggan ancestors). Do you think it is bad to still be with God,but yet want to belong to wicca and the Goddess? I know,a weird and long question. Sorry for my misspelling. Thankyou and blessed be.

Merry Meet Seeker, You have a wonderful question for me indeed! I love it when people think so deeply and then come up with such intriguing questions. I can see your conflict between the world of Wicca and the world of Christianity. Remember the world as it was when the Earth was a new planet. Slowly the plants emerged, flowers bloomed and the Earth started to thrive Human beings arrived soon after. Or maybe they evolved from the apes who were there before us. However, the Universe which existed when the Earth was born is the same Universe that exists now, right? We may have new planets and some disappeared but the Universe is more or less the same. Has anyone seen God? Some, who believe that the Universe itself is the God call themselves Wiccan. God is black to an African, Brown to an Indian and white to the European. Other religions were invented. They created Satan, Sin, Heaven and Hell – Why? to control people. Jesus Christ was a messiah who tried to spread peaceful Eastern teachings around the world. Even in his age, there was war, anger, disease and calamities. However, Jesus showed us that as a human, he could heal and help others. Remember the halo (aura) around his head and the way he keeps his hands up with palms slightly bent towards the people he blessed? He was directing the Universal Reiki energy towards the people who needed the healing. In his name was created a religion that has now taken part in so many wars. Jesus never intended for his teachings to be spread by force,scare tactics and FEAR. You can respect Jesus and God because they were part of this world then and they are part of this world today (as spirits). However, we have to draw the line when it comes to religious fantaticism and decide for ourselves whether to believe in a benevolent, supportive and peaceful Universe that we can see or the dangerous, evil hell that will destroy us all. The majority of countries believe thankfully believe in more than one way of life. In USA, the fastest growign religion is Wicca. And there is a reason for that. The freedom that comes with knowing that you can live a peaceful life without being controlled by a powerful organization which makes people tremble in fear in the name of a sacred Deity. In Wicca, we have the freedom to choose – which is one of man’s basic needs. We can choose to learn more about ourselves, our spiritual side, where animals, trees and birds stand and how the world works. Only when we have the freedom to think for ourselves will we be completely FREE in life. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Martita says:

    Excellent answered I am not a wiccan but seems to be that I think like one

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