Is there a money spell that I can use, so I don’t have to eat noodles all the time?


I’m begging and pleading with you to help me even if it is one spell. I need a spell or ritual I can do to help me with money, to get rid of all the evil in my life so I can have positive things happen, to win lots of money so we don’t have to eat noodles all the time. Please even if you could give me one simple but effective spell so I can get out of this crap and start looking at a postive future with no noodles in sight I would greatly appreciate it. If you can send me easy instructions on how to do it and exactly what materials I need.
Blessed Be.

I really need your help or a coven that can help me out of the hell I”m in.


Brightest blessings, Tracey:

The mistake that most people make when using money spells is being too vague. You need to have a specific goal monetarily, so I suggest that the first thing you need to do is get all of your bills together and work on specifically paying those. Afterward, you can use prosperity spells to enable you to get a better job, or the education you may need to get into a well paying career.

A very simple and effective spell that I have used in the past needs a green candle–green being the symbol of prosperity and knowledge–and a copy of each bill. Some practitioners recommend anointing the candle with patchouli oil, but I prefer sandlewood. When performing any spell, you need absolute silence in order to concentrate, so work your magick at a time when you are the least likely to be disturbed. Create a sacred working space by drawing a protective circle around the area in which you will be working; if you feel you are plagued by real evil, as indicated in your correspondence, use salt to outline the circle, and burn white candles.

In the center of the sacred space burn your green candle and place each bill under the candle separately. For each bill you wish to pay, recite “My income is ever increasing” over and over until the words run together and you can no longer differentiate each word as you say it. This is a form of meditation. Remember that intent is 90% of magick, so make sure you ask for nothing for yourself that would cause harm to another when you get it. You also must visualize the bills getting paid, in as much detail as possible. Also, usually what keeps us from being successful monetarily is our own ability to sabotage a good situation. A yellow pouch worn around the neck with a hand drawn picture of an eye in it will help restore confidence.

You are successful with all your endeavors for your own higher good. So mote it be.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Johnna says:

    The thing that saddens me about money spells is lack of knowlege of what may happen later on. What about Karma? I do not trust money spells, however that is my personal opinion. I’m sorry if it’s not my place to say anything.

  2. tamara says:

    do u have any spells that i can say on my own

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