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Hi Rose,well I%uFFFDm about to start sending my applications to universities.(I%uFFFDm in 12th grade) I am very nervous because I really want to get into a specific one. I also need to do some tests and I need to score high on them so I can be accepted. I%uFFFDm going to study and all but I wanted to ask, Do you know any good spells for exams help? I really need it also one to stay calm and concentrated because I tend to get really nervous My first exam is in October but I%uFFFDm going to start studying a month earlier. Also, I have been getting your mini-course which I found very interesting It has helped me a lot I wanted to say thank you. :) Blessed be. Sidse.

Merry Meet Sidse. It is wonderful to hear that you are already preparing for your exams. Success in most exams depend on memory and our understanding of the subject. So you are on the right track. The more you visualize your success and abstain from negative thoughts, the more outstanding you will be as a student. For this spell, you need to get a piece of paper and a pen. If you can get some sandalwood incense or Crown of success oil, that would be wonderful. Find a space where you will not be disturbed. Take a nice, long bath with fragrant soaps. Wear cotton clothing (natural is best!) and sit down at your special place. Keep all the books that you need stacked on top of each other. Read a chapter from a spiritual book. Allow the smoke from the incence to waft over the books. Take care not to damage the books in any way. Let the smoke from the books come over to you or spread in the entire room. Now the energies of the books and your energy has merged and you are blessed with the powers in the books. Make them your friends and request them to help you in your exams. Take the piece of paper and write down your exam subjects. To the side of each subject, write down the grade or marks you expect for it. Allow the smoke to waft over the piece of paper or hold it far above the smoke. Fold the piece of paper into two and put it under your mattress right below your pillow. Let it stay there until after your results are out. Daily, study as hard as you can and remember that the Universe is on your side! All the best in your future! Brightest Blessings!

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