Is it true that we will go to hell if we practice magick?

People say if you practice Magick you’ll go to hell is that true?

Merry Meet. No, it is not true that we will go to hell if we practice magick. First all all, there is no Hell. It is just a figment of the imagination of people who wish to brainwash others into believing in a judgemental, evil God. Hell is just one part of the whole mish-mash that religion has become. When religion was formed, there was a purpose. Religious rites gave people a strict code to live by, in the days when people fought each other with bows and arrows. Now that we have nuclear arms race and biological weapons, nothing will create world peace but by understanding that each of us is responsible for the preservation of the Earth. If we are too busy using divisive techniques the organized religions seem to thrive by, then World War THREE will soon be arriving on Earth as a battle between the two major religions. To avoid that, we all need to think again, far from all the brain-washing of centuries, hell and judgement day, of sin and saving souls and all the stuff missionaries are made of. Each of us have a brain. So we are supposed to use it to think about our existence, our purpose and our common goal. No one needs to tell us what to do because we can think for ourselves. So if you are reading this and you fear a God or other entity, then think of where that idea or story came from and why it scares you. Remember the scary stories that people told you when you were a child? These stories are just meant to scare you into doing something, like not going out in the dark or not taking extreme risks. However, if scary stories make you give away 10% or more of you income to people you don’t even know, then you have to use your brain to think of why they want to keep your money and scare you in the name of God. If you are smart, you will realize that witchcraft is the way to go and that only by respecting each other, helping each other and by preserving our natural resources and bringing the world TOGETHER will be all survive. Read more about spirituality, about why the religions were created, who benefited from it, the reasons why they used scare tactics to keep money and power to themselves, etc. Get aware and get smart! Hope this helps your dilemma. Blessed Be.

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  1. Polina says:

    No she didn’t call god evil. She merely said that the image of god in nowadays world, the judging god who made a place like hell and condemns people, is not what god is supposed to be. Even if you do bad things, you shouldn’t be condemned because everyone makes mistakes!
    Also there is no complete good and evil in this world. Everything has both good and bad intertwined! It is like Yin and Yang. It’s like love & hate, how there’s a very thin line between them. But any god or divine being of power is supposed to be good and pure. No pure being would create a place like hell. In this day and age most religions twist this sort of stuff. Magick is like all other things. It is neither good nor bad. It’s how we decide to use it that defines it. So no, magick really is not bad. Especially considering that most magick is about being in touch with nature. But if you decide to use it to harm others or something along those lines it will have dire consequences, because of the threefold law.

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