Spells for growing beautiful hair

is there a spell to grow long beautiful hair. or at least to stop it from falling off? and i want a permanent spell too

Merry Meet. Many people worry about losing their hair. There are many spells for hair growth. One of the most important rules to remember is to take an appointment for a haircut only when the moon is in a waxing phase. As the moon waxes, your hair will grow tremendously. Oaxaca Hair Spell On a new moon day, trim your hair (just a bit). Plant these trimmings in your yard. If you don’t have any backyard, then buy a plant and bury the hair trimmings in the pot. Chant: Stretch it Twist it Make it grow Like a river Let it flow Three times fast shall this hair grow This is my will So mote it be Repeat this every third day until the dark moon arrives. Charge springwater in the moonlight and use this water powered by moonbeams to wash your hair. Massage a little bit of it on to your scalp and chant the above as you massage your head. Brush out and comb your hair in the moonlight. Another spell worked to grow luxurious hair is to cut a lock of your hair and bury it beneath a willow tree. This is believed to encourage hair growth. To induce hair growth, you can also blend essential oils of clary sage and ylang ylang and massage your scalp every night. If you don’t care for the aroma of these oils, you can also massage the blend into your scalp, wait for a few minutes and then wash it off. While massaging, take care not to hurt the scalp with your nails. Use a glove and only use the finger tips to massage each area slowly and gently. If you massage your scalp every night, you will eventually grow more luxuriant hair. Hope this helps. Blessed Be.

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  1. bianca says:

    I ripped my second toenail completey off. What is a spell to prevent infection and make it grow back? Thank you in advance.

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