Spells to get rid of ghosts

i need a house blessing can you tell me how i have a ghost that moves stuff and throws stuff please help

Merry Meet! It must be really frustrating to have a ghost in your house throwing things around. Here are two spells for you to work on: Backward Candles Spell Get a white candle and a large bowlful of salt. Stuff the salt in your pockets (or hang a large bag of salt on your shoulders). Light the candle when the sun has set and darkness pervades the surroundings. Carry it in your right hand and hold a handful of salt in your left. Walk backwards through every room from bottom to top, sprinkling the salt all over with your fingers. Do not backtrack, but make sure that you sprinkle salt in the corners, above the rafters, etc. While you walk through the house, chant softly and sternly Get lost, you unwelcome ghosts! STAY AWAY from this house! At the topmost point of your house, after you have sprinkled the salt, extinguish the candle. Beans are said to repel ghosts. Throw beans around in your house, in corners, crevices and gardens. The more bean plants the more ghost free your house will be. If the plants start to grow, sit under them or close to them and meditate, for bean plants are believed to guide the ghosts back to their realm. Another way to get rid of ghosts is to burn bistort, allow the smell to permeate all the nooks and crevices of your house and then reserve the ashes from the burnt bistort. Sprinkle the ashes over thresholds and entryways. Repeat regularly if the ghosts are stubborn. Also, create a strong infusion of bistort by pouring boiling water over the powdered bistort. Sprinkle this holy water throughout the house to keep away unwanted visitors. Hope this helps solve your problem. Blessed Be.

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  1. shikha says:

    I want spells to make my family tell me to drop out of college

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