Do we have a curse on our family?

Everything I try, to improve myself and my family, blows up in my face. I watched the same thing happen to my parents. My family often made the statement there was a long standing curse on us. Is this possible? Is there such a powerful curse to affect an entire family and all who marry into it, for many generations? If so, how to remove it? Thanks.

Greetings! It is really difficult to live a happy life if we believe that others have cursed us. Remember that there is negative energy in us and around us always. However, if we keep our spirit pure and gentle, we have powers that cannot be controlled or manipulated by others who are already weak and needs to put curses on others. As we know, putting curses on others will bring back unforeseen tragedies to those people. So make sure that you and your family do not have any ill thoughts or intentions towards others. Living a life in which we are constantly worried about others putting curses on us is indeed a difficult one. The trick is to make your life a positive one where you can stop worrying about others hurting you. Make a vow that from today onwards, you will do everything with good intentions and amazing hope for the future. Whenever you are afraid or worried, chant this: Wise Goddess, Protect me and all who are dear to me Bless my family and keep us safe forever From every hex or negative thought Return the evil to back to its home This is my will, so mote it be. You may repeat this as many times as you like. The point is that no one can hurt you or harm your intentions without your consent. When you are strongly against any type of negative influence in your life, including the negative emotions that create the sense of unknown danger from unknown curses, your mind will be at peace and you will be able to receive success and joy. So go forth with confidence in yourself and understand that sometimes we do have to perform the same task many times before it becomes a success. This is usually because we need to learn patience, understanding and awareness of our experiences in life. Rest assured, the more positive you are, the more successful you will be in life! Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings!

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    My late father was in love and was having a sexual affair with my late aunt.My late aunt has visited my late mother as sisters usually do, but unfortune her intentions were otherwise.After years of struggling to find out why does I always received or being on the negative dark side of life, I find out that my aunt has cast a spell on my mother, but I was in the vicinity that is why the spell got hold of me.I once asked my mother why I am different to life and family and achive nothing and must give always more what is expected to receive less or nothing. Her reply was that she does not want to cause trouble and if I want to know I must find out for myself. I asked people to remove the spell and they asked the money which I dont have.CAN YOUR PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO REMOVE THIS SPELL AND WHAT IS THE INGREDIENTS FOR THE PORTION.I am born on 23 August 1955. My late parents names is Martin and Regina.My late aunt name is Hester.

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    Hi Rose

    Thank you for your help and I AM MORE POSITIVE ABOUT LIFE.




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    Is my family cursed

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