How can I improve my spell working?

Brightest blessings Rose, just had email, Why do other peoples spells work and mine don’t? I believe whole heartedly that if you don’t believe in your spell you are wastin your time!my spells work! I prepare for them ask the Godess amd God for their help, and they help! I am sure if they are true Wiccan, they should have no problems, I get mine wrong so often The Goddess and God must have a good laugh! They don’t care if you do it wrong, the intent is what matters! Blessed Be ,my teacher keep it coming

Greetings! It is great to hear from you. I love hearing from my students! :) So you think that your spells don’t work as well as other people’s? How did you compare? It is almost impossible to compare the results of spells. For a spell to work, our minds should be as pure and gentle as a summer breeze from the ocean. Its never a good idea to even let such a thought (that your spell will not work) enter your mind, for that is itself the most effective deterrent to your spellworking. The Goddess and God may be laughing, but it certainly may be not because you didn’t succeed in your spell. What I mean is that all of us are the same when it comes to energies of the Universe which includes the deities of Goddess and God. Doubts may be the biggest hindrances to our spell working. Doubts are negative energies that weaken our intentions. That is the reason why our it is so important to find our inner sacred space when working on a spell. I have given you the way to find your inner sacred space. Unless you find this place, it is almost impossible to succeed in a spell. And never compare your results with others. That is another way of negating the value of your own powers. Just doubting is enough to cancel all the good thoughts you had. So you have to learn to banish all negative thoughts before, during and after the spell is worked! I can understand why it is so difficult for you to get through all the instructions. But don’t worry, Magick is not that difficult if you just take it easy, let go, allow yourself to relax and believe with all your heart that today or tomorrow, your spell will work. Try again, and this time, remember to go to your inner sacred space and not allow any negative thoughts to weaken your spell. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings!

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  1. brittany says:

    I’m new to Wicca and I wanted to know what an appropriate communication with the goddess and god would be. How should I as them for blessings help and guidance? Is it all personal or are some things meant to be formal?
    Thank you for any response and for your wonderful site.

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