Can you predict my future?

will be I rich? Will I get high position? Will I have a chaild?

Without knowing you or casting runes or reading cards, there is no way for me to randomly predict the future of someone who happened across my website.  Perhaps you are confused by the definition of witch and psychic. I am a witch. I pracice witchcraft, specifically Wicca. I have psychic abilities and  I believe that most people could develop psychic abilties if they were willing to open their minds and study these gifts of the Goddess.

However, I do not know anyone who the goddess ahs gifted with the ability to read a question on a computer screen and tell the future from that. And, the future is mutible; it varies based on our actions and reactions. What may be in your future today could change drastically tomorrow ased on the actions you take.

Treat that guy at school bad and it may affect your future. maybe he was supposed to introduce you to a future mate, but you were mean and so you never meet the person the Goddess intended for you.  Or maybe you decide to go out with friends instead of doing your homework. That could mean you never get the career the Goddess had planned and never get rich.

In short, the decisions about your life and where it foes change every day based on your actions and the people around you. You have a better chance at a rich, rewarding life and happiness if you treat people well and work hard. slack off and be mean and your life will be unhappy. That is an easy future to predict.

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22 Responses to “Can you predict my future?”

  1. sukhjinder kaur says:

    When will I get married?

  2. alpna dogra says:

    when i will get married

  3. jane kirwin says:

    What can you see for my lovelife?

  4. jane kirwin says:

    Can you see me marrying?

  5. heidi says:

    Hi i’ve got a few questions.
    Should i wait for him to come back?
    And when will i actually get a chance with him?
    I”m so scared all i want is him.
    Help me?
    Please let me know what to do and what to look forward too.

  6. heidi says:

    is this website fake??

  7. heidi says:

    should i wait for him?

  8. farah says:

    predict my future

  9. merevillefon says:

    please i want to know if my present boy friend will be my future husband

  10. merevillefon says:

    please can u predict my future as at next year?

  11. rosa says:

    Could you answer this futur question and send it to my email add?? please i beg you

    Will i be able and allowd do go to quebec july 10th to see my boyfriend and go to his brother’s wedding??

  12. rosa says:

    i need to know if it will happend in advence, please use your talent and let me know by email

  13. Shehan says:

    Hey I was jus wondering… there anythng important that u cn tell me about my future?? Love, money, health??

  14. Suzanne says:

    Could you please tell me who my husband will be and if i am going to have any money someday

  15. Faraha says:

    Is my bf i have now how long will we last? Do he really love me? Will anyone in My family die for me?

  16. clare says:

    i need help, i have had a dream about my dead mother showing me that my boyfriend who i love with all my heart is going to cheat on me with my best friend then tell me he doesnt love me and its breaking my heart and then i had dinner with him and his family and his mother tells me that my boyfriend and my best friend as kids loved eachother and were in bed naked when they were 3 .. and i dont know what to do, i mean im broken hearted i want to know if my boyfriend and bestfriend cheat in the future and will i stay with my boyfriend and get married? please answer ASAP :(

  17. teddy says:

    please tell me every
    thing you can about my future

  18. Eva Lane says:

    I think people should pay more attention to Rose’s answers above… it’s not possible to look at words on a computer screen and predict the future of the writer.

    It is, however, possible to predict your future through tea leaf reading, palmistry, cards… How? You can ‘do it yourself’!

  19. katleho says:

    will my relationship with my bf ever work out? what must i do to make things work between us? are therd any good things heading my way any time soon?

  20. Lilje says:

    Who will I marrie? Whgat kind of man? Is it a man? Is it a man in a way?

  21. sachin says:

    there are lot of questions arising in my mind regardin my mind from past many days may be around 3-4 months & making my mind in an unstable condition? im not able to concentrate on one particular thing or work. my luck is changed & sometimes i feel myself as an unlucky person. when will all my love problems be solved? will it be solved my favour or against me

  22. Jenn says:

    Will my x boyfriend Scott work things out with me and really love me

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