Conjure Balls?

my name is lee anna. i would like to know how to make conjure balls. i seen them in a store i go to shop. there are a lot of things i like to do wicca.

Hello there Lee Anna, Well, I must admit that I have never heard of, much less seen, “conjure balls”… so I would need a little more information about them before I could give you a practical answer as to how to actually make them. That being said, however, let me remind you of one very simple fact about magic. The material value of the consecrated objects that you use for your rituals does not matter at all. The link that you feel to them and the significance they hold for you is far more important than whether or not you spent a lot of money on them at the store or not. In fact, in most cases I tend to find that I actually get better results with the items that I have crafted myself or that I have scavenged from around my house – or even from items that others have given to me and thus not only have a special meaning to me, but also hold special significance to someone else as well. If these conjure balls hold special appeal to you, I might suggest that you simply ask the proprietor of your local shop about them. If they are worth their salt, they should be more than willing to discuss them with you and likely how you could go about making your own. Beyond that, simply make certain that you properly consecrate all of your instruments and everything should be fine with whatever item that you create yourself.

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