Could I have been born a witch?

Is it possible for someone to have been born a witch? I have always been pulled in that direction and I feel in my heart I have always been a witch and just wonder where those feelings come from.

Some people believe that Witches are born, not made, and that you are a witch, or you are not. How would you know if you were born a witch? And even if you were born a witch, you need to learn the skills and crafts needed to practice witchcraft. If you have natural talents, they need to be used and developed!

Today, many people seek to learn more about Witchcraft and Wiccan tradition, but there are many other traditions of Witchcraft too. The first step to being a witch is to learn about the traditions you are interested in, by: reading as much as you can, speaking to as many people as you can, then make a decision about which tradition is best for you. If you can attend public ceremonies, that will help give you an idea of what particular traditions do and what it “feels” like. (Public ceremonies are often very different from small private rituals celebrated by Covens).

You may be want to learn about Witchcraft or Wicca if you had clairvoyant or psychic experiences in the past. There could be many reasons why you want to learn more. But, one main reason is because when they start learning about Witchcraft & Wicca they have a feeling of “coming home”. Some people have sensations of d ja vu when they first read about the rituals and beliefs, and many remember long forgotten memories.

The easiest route towards becoming a Witch is to join a group or coven, or find a teacher. They can help you gain experience and knowledge with a peer group and an experienced teacher is worth their weight in gold. This is the traditional way of learning Wicca, and you work toward initiation into a Coven. Some people are born into families which practice Witchcraft, and are initiated by their own families when they are a suitable age. Such families are rare, and they often keep themselves to themselves and are unlikely to advertise their existance or recruit members who are not blood family.

If you find a Wiccan or other Witchcraft tradition Coven who will accept you as a member, ask which tradition they follow. If they claim that they follow an initiatory path, and that they are a part of a tradition such as Alexandrian or Gardnerian Wicca, they should be able to give you references to verify their claims. Modern Wiccan covens are much like the old family traditions of the past, and as such the lineage of a coven should be traceable to the founder of the tradition, just like a member of family should be able to trace their family lineage to the same great-great-grandfather, or similar.

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11 Responses to “Could I have been born a witch?”

  1. tiffany says:

    hey miss rose i have a quetion i was wondering as a 15 year old if u can explain how becoming a witch to me so i understand i have troubles understanding the self dedication what does that mean.


  2. mary says:

    what are some of the signs of being born a witch? I have awalys felt things in nature talking to me . I often finish sentences for people . I know when people seem to be upset. I have dreams that often come true. mary

  3. Alicia says:

    Hi…i’ve always been brought up christian but my whole family seems to have unexplainable gifts and i do to. i’m just wandering if there is different “types” of witches ( heard there is witches to elements ) but i don’t know if that is way off can you help me? help me figure out who i am I’m 16 1/2 and i’ve looked at witches and witchcraft befor…heck even vampires? in your opinion could you tell me something to help me out

  4. Hi mi name is katarina I’m 15 I have a quesion well so far as I know me friend jamie iz a witch she says it runs in hur family she only half but hur aunt is a 100% I’m like mi friend I dream about something that happens n either the next day or a week after that it really happen wat does that mean can u give me the answer am I. A witch yes or no or maybe n yes I do believe in witchcraft I always had but nobody believed me n mi grandma is like that too n I can kina read mind I’m not shure though

  5. Jemmar says:

    how do u know if u were born a witch… i think i am like i finsh peoples sentences and i no when its going to rain(my eyes turn blue) please help! I NEED TO NO! please

  6. Jemmar says:

    i think i can read minds…like.. im not sure but i always finsh what people say like b4 we stayed at this place and the lady said ur in room “i said 11″ and she said yes! see i always do that! and i think im a witch. please can i talk to someone about it… AM I A WITCH?

  7. Ivy says:

    I read a book about wicca and it just feels right but my parents are christians so how do i tell them? There are no covens or wicca bookstores anywhere near me so how do i find out more? I always know whether a person is trustworthy or not, and i never remember my dreams, until they actually happen, so i guess i dream about the future. I’m 13 and i would really love some advice.

  8. shannon says:

    I do question about natural born witch.I come from old craft heritage.I was born on a cusp.I have psychic ability.I also have telekinetic energy.I can relate to weather and animals.I know I am a natural born witch.I do not practice,it comes naturally.

  9. Luna says:

    My friend and i have had weird experinces since we where little .Seeing and sensing spirtual and demonic things … and we tried chakra meditations together.. i felt nailed to the ground nd warm … i was thinking about a spider and a HUGE spider was on my wall my head drifted toward the direction before my eyes even focused … im really scared ive cried i have no answers ….. theres more but im too scared to post -__-

  10. Marina says:

    I’m not one who’s in desperate need or even one who can finish people’s sentences, I dont know what’s going on in my life and haven’t seen anyone’s future, but i have never really understood who i am and for some reason have felt like there is this….something….this other side of things that i need to know and need to find out some way and some how…i was wondering if you could help to answer some of my questions, i know you’ve heard this all the time lol but i would greatly appreciate it….thank you soo sooo very much Rose :)

  11. Chelsey says:

    i was wondering if i was born as a witch. i feel as if i can tell if someone is next to me when no one is there. i have dreams about other people and how they feel. i know when people are sad or whatever they feel, i feel a vibe from them when they pass by. i know about witchcraft, my mother has many books of it. please answer my questions.

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