Could I possibly be a witch?

i reccently had a dog die that i was very attached to, i felt her pain and her last dieing breath. that night i went to the backyard with a bowl of cold water, a tealight candle, and a lighter. i put the candle in the water, lit it, and put my hands around it, keeping it in the center. i cleared my mind then this came to my mind: angels of the night, hear my words, hear my cry, guide her safely into the eternal light. im not sure what to think of it, is it possible that i could be a witch?

Merry Meet Seeker,
Of course you are a witch! You are a very compassionate and caring person. Dog and God are very similar, aren’t they? Yes, they are so precious when they are with us and we certainly will feel the pain when they leave this world. It is wonderful that you gave her a wonderful ceremony to bid goodbye to her. I am sure her spirit (yes, animals have spirits too!) will probably be with you at all times like she did when she was alive.You are a very caring person and quite spiritual too. All humans are witches.
Many peole do not know that we are born witches. However, through different lives and re-incarnations, people get better and better. Prodigies are an example of such powers. If you see children who instinctively know what to do when a dog dies, it means that you have a good heart and you will make a great witch too. Most people, in certain religions are told that they are just puppets and that they do not have any powers.
However, many of us know that if we set an intention, we see the results. If we wish for something, most of the time it shows up. Now, not all people can easily manifest what they desire. Only those who have done good work (karma) can easily create their goals. It certainly looks like you are one of them.
Brightest Blessings

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