Could I truly be a witch?

i have had somethings happen to me lately and i can not explain them. i have always wondered if i could be a witch but i am unsure. i have this thing that happens with me though. my friends and family if the feel a strong emotion i can feel it too even if i am miles away… i dont know what it is but i have also had a thing happen that i saw something happen before it did…and seeing it saved my life. and i also get these feelings before something really bad happens. and i dont know what to think. my friend called me a “PURE BLOOD” (as in a pure blood witch) and i know my mother has done some spells as experaments and i have too and they really worked…i wanted to ask if it sounds to you like i could be a witch or these things that happen just…happen and there is nothing special about them. i have always wondered if i could be a witch and always had a facination of witchcraft and such but i just wonder… could i truely be…? can you help me out?

Merry Meet. From what you write, it does seem like you are psychic. Some people have to work very hard to become witches. It doesn’t come very easily. Psychic ability too, only comes to many people after a lot of practice. However, you seem to have very high psychic abilities. You can be a wonderful witch too! To become a witch, we just have to practice. Make a good altar by finding a quiet place to sit down and concentrate on what you wish for yourself of anyone around you. Remember, witches know that only by doing good, we can all be happy. If you do any negative spells or so-called “black magic”, you might as well hurt yourself, for all the hurt you inflict on others comes back at you many many times more than what you gave out. As a witch, you can make your friends happy by teaching and enabling them to be happy. To become a better witch, all of us have to strengthen our minds by practicing visualization every day. Let say you would love to have prosperity come into your life. You sit down and visualize money coming to you in many ways. People handing over money to you, you getting some of the money you lent to somoeone else, you getting a raise at work, etc. Prosperity does not mean money alone. you can imagine marrying (if you are of that age), getting a family, living in a nice house. You can get whatever you need. (not whatever you “want”.) the big difference is that good folks want to be happy and also want everyone else to be happy while others may want to win a lottery or something exhorbitant like that which takes away joy from others. Try your hand at witchcraft and make your dreams come true. Always take only what you need and also help others in need who may not know how to invite all this into their lives. Live and Let Live! Hope this helps you understand that you are a real witch already… Blessed Be.

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  1. rudaroop says:

    how can i make a control on a person like a a puppet,or how can move her like what any away in the dall ,and
    how can i scar a person by real gosht who will be my best friend.

  2. suzane says:

    i have sometimes noticed that i feel what’s going to happen. will this help me in being a GOOD witch? if yes, then please guide me to start my search for being a great witch as you are.

    thank you

  3. Tara says:

    Hi when i was 16 i was talking to a guy on the internet and i ended up blocking him one day becuase he knew my route i took from school to home and what color my backpack was and what i wearing that day. That night i had a dream i was kidnapped and thrown into a black tinited window suv looking vehicle. My friend was walking with me and she got shot. She was wearing a red shirt and torn blue jeans. A few days later when school was let out i got a really uneasy feeling that came out in full force telling me not to walk home bymyself because something bad would happen to me. I convienced my friend to walk with me and as soon as we crossed the street that vehicle turned and slowed down and stopped right next to us. I was next to the street frozen in fear. My friend jeanine pushed me to her other side. When the door handle moved we ran all the way to my house. I refused to come out of my house the whole day. The neighbor girl came up and i jerked her into the house when i saw that vehicle passed up the street and down it again. i wouldn’t let her walk home. The next day we were walking and that vehcile was following us. I jerked her out of the road and told her if anything happened run and call the cops. I had forgotten about that till recently.
    Today my friend wanted me to go to this go kart ring with him and his friends, but i have been uneasy about going. I had flashes that i would be attacked while they were going around a corner on the track. I’ve also had a dream where my brother whos mentally handicaped doesn’t come home from school and we find his body in a corn field. This is freaking me out and i dont know what to do about it. What is happening to me? Please i need answers.
    Another thing that’s weird is if someone makes me mad or something i won’t even be near them but bad things happen to them. My grandmother told me we had an ancestor that was a wtich but she was burned. Have i inherited her powers? Please give me some answers. I dont know if i have a gift or if i’m a freak. I’m 22 now.
    Tara the girl confused.

  4. Chelsea says:

    No offense to you but I’ve seen things before they happened ever since I was 7 It comes and goes and I cant control it. I never asked for it and I never know when its gonna happened. It mostly comes in my dreams or day dreams. I have weird feelings something bads going to happen and then they do. And then there’s this thing were I feel like I making things happen. It’s very weird and I dont know how to explain anything that has happened. COuld you explain my dreams to me because sereval of my friends have similar things happen to them. Im starting to predict everything that goes on in my life and I hate it.

  5. keith says:

    when i was a kid, i could only dream…but as i grow older, i could feeel the exact things that is happening to me during a dream…so sometimes, i thought that my dreams were real…it freaks me out that i cant tell wheter things really happened to me or not…

  6. Sweetesthing says:

    Thank you! …..And Yes I’m witch its a big word and truly hope I could be good I’ve been running away from this gift for years and don’t know what’s is next for me only God knows but I know he will paved my road so I can develop properly. Be Blessed looking forward …….;)

  7. summmafingwitchy says:

    hi i am a male do you think that i may be a male witch or something

  8. Eve says:

    its true ever since i was 13 i had awkward things happening to me first thing was i could turn the light of with my emotions yeah that sounds pathetic but its true i can move objects witch my mind my bestfriend saw me do it and now she thinks im some kind of freak im 17 at the moment and Honestly me and my friends luke and Jess know im a witch my graet great great great grandmother was so i was my mom they use to put frogs on her table at school anyway im just saying im a pour blood witch

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