Covens in Edmonton, Canada

Goodday, I am a 46 year old woman and I live in Edmonton, AB, Canada. I am interested in learning and becomeing involved in the study of wicca. I would also like to locate a coven in my area. Could you please help me.

Greetings! Its wonderful to hear that you are getting interested in the Wiccan Religion. Hope you will find your peace through this way of life. One way to find out about covens in your part of the world is to search the Witch’s voices page On the left side of this webpage, you will see the countries and regions listed. If you choose Canada, many of the regions around your home will be mentioned. Find one that is closest to you and click on it. You will be greeted with interesting news and contacts that will help you in your journey to the Wiccan path of life. Meetup is another way to meet other people interested in the same things you are. Go to the following website: At this site, you may set up a profile with your information, photo, etc. You can choose your city or town and see if there are people already gathering somewhere in your neighborhood to discuss Wicca or pagan ways of life. If you really wish it and visualize it, it will happen! you can make Wicca work for you even before you have found others to assist you. The power of the Goddess is always with you. Another way to learn about Wicca is from books. The book “Wicca – A guide to the solitary practitioner” by Scott Cunningham is a best seller that has helped many people to understand Wicca and to start practicing this wonderful religion. Since the mainstream Judeo-Christian religions frown upon anything new, and they do not usually change with time, the followers of those religions are still confused about freedom of religion. So it may be wise to interact with other Wiccans online or stick to those who are aware that all ways of life lead to the same destination. Enjoy this new found freedom that will release you from all worries and allow you to live an amazing life. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. TOG says:

    I am very involved with the local wiccan, and other pagan societies in Edmonton, and can recomend several avenues for someone to get involved with wicca groups in Edmonton, but for the most part, any group,coven,circle,or society, in edmonton that is worth the time to explore, would be known to the proprietors of a local pagan store, called “where faeries live” located on 124 st, around 109a ave. If a person was to enquire in the store about local wiccan groups, you will find all the information you could want, as well as notices of upcomming wiccan and other pagan events, and they also sell at the store, a small periodical published by one of the local groups,with advertisements for local vendors and events.

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