Did I lose my powers?

When I had my daughter I asked for my connection to be suspended until I was ready to accept it back into my life since then I have had really bad luck to the point of thinking I have been cursed and also since then nearly 8 yrs ago my mother in law has suddenly found spiritulism and thinks she is able to talk to spirits and heal people are the two connected or is just part of the dark cloud altering my perception I feel lost totally

Merry Meet Seeker, Every human being has psychic powers. Our powers will be sharpened and honed when we work with them. Even if we do not have time to take care of them, they don’t go away. There may be times when you feel weak and tired, especially when have to take care of a baby and yourself at the same time. However, when you are back doing what you did before, you will have the time to devote to the magick in your life. Do not worry about your mother in law or anybody getting intersted in spirituality,etc. People want to learn about spirituality for many reasons. Usually, it happens when we go through a harrowing experience and need to know why it happened and what we can learn from it. All you need to focus is on yourself and how you can find your spirituality again. No amount of religious dogma can help us if we are not spiritual and know that we have powers we need to keep us protected, satisfied and happy. So it’s time to start taking care of yourself without worrying about your powers. Read a spiritual book everyday and find time to meditate. Visualize yourself as powerful as you want to be. Clean and cleanse a small room in your home and prepare an altar with your sacred objects. Add some candles and incense and you are ready to get back into the most beautiful passion of life – spirituality. In a short time, you will be back in business. If you feel scared or unsatisfied with your results, just work on some protection and courage spells for yourself. Brightest Blessings, Rose.

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