Did my magick create the BOOM?

Hello, So I consider myself a.. very very dis-enchanted male witch. Don’t ever practice unless I truly need something in my life which is on very rare occasions. Well I just had a moment where I desired something very much, so I gathered my standard stuff (cup of water, white candle,violet incense and a lighter) and I cast my spell. At the end of my rhyme, there was an extremely powerful boom! that came from outside and vibrated my windows. To me, it just sounded like someone came up the window and tapped on it. But I left my room and went outside, and asked my brothers if they heard the sound. They said yes, and apparently to them it sounded like a thunder boom(much louder than a window tap). The thing is, there is no thunder or lightning any where. And it is a cold night… much too cold for a lightning storm. So my question to you is did I cause such a powerful booming sound, in affirmation of my spell (it was just a simple spell for my health by the way)? If so, have you ever experienced anything so powerful? Or am I just being overly superstitious? I would love to hear your opinion. Thanks, Manuel

Merry Meet Manuel,
It is wonderful to hear from a male witch who can work on powerful spells that can cause such commotion! Since I wasn’t there, I cannot be completely certain that the Boom you heard was a result of your spell working. You may repeat the spell and see if such a sound will emanate from the room or from the windows. I am not sure why you still call yourself a very very dis-enchanted male witch :) You seem to be doing pretty good there.

Yes, I have heard from many people who work on spells regularly that they see or feel many new vibrations which may come in the form of air, light or sound. All arise from various forms of energy. Because we can create so much energy when we really, really need something, anything can happen. Let us not underestimate our powers here.

Now that the spell working is over, I hope your health is good and you can move on to regular spell working for yourself and for the rest of the world. Imagine all of the world’s worries (famine, drought, poverty, violence, natural disasters) can be removed by the steady work from all corners of the world.

As we get more more adept at casting spells, we can feel the energy of the Universe in more than one way. We get tuned to the frequency of the Universe quickly. Our belief, steady practice, abiltity to raise energy and our accurate and unadulterated Visualization can easily get us to our goals pronto!

Now that you are satisfied you are a good witch, I hope you will move on to better and better spell working for the good of the entire world!

Brightest Blessings.

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