Difference between Shaman, Wizard and Magician

is there have any difference between shaman , wizard or a magician to become a witch? if yes wat are they differences

Merry Meet! A very good question indeed! The word “shaman” came from the Chinese culture and means “a medium between the living and the dead”. Basically, Shamans are witches who can connect to the spirit world easily. They may be called upon to mediate when living beings on Earth have trouble understanding their illnesses or other problems. Shamans can be found all over the world. Many of the older cultures may have called them witch doctors. In Africa, where life began, the Shamans were the people who were consulted when it came to illness, death or any special event in the family such as pregnancy, marriage, etc. Since they could communicate with the seen and the unseen world, most people believed in their judgement. Male witches were called Wizards in the past. For those people who follow the Wicca religion, even male witches are called witches, rather than wizards. Witchcraft, as most of us are aware, evolved from pagan religions of the past. All human beings when they came down to the Earth (or incarnated here) intuitively understand paganism. This includes an endless respect for all things natural including the five elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit) and the rest of the living things in the world ( humans, animals, birds, trees, mountains, rivers, etc). Witches live according to the rules of nature. They know that abusing something or someone will return negative results into our life. Magicians are people who perform tricks using props and slight of hand gestures. Their sole purpose is to entertain and amaze human beings. They may tie themselves in weird positions, sometimes under water and then untie themselves in front of a huge, applauding audience. They may do tricks with bunnies, birds or butterflies and play with fire, water and smoke to create funny, weird or shocking. These magicians are very smart and know how easily human beings can be tricked into believing what they hightlight for us (with special focused lights) while ignoring the rest of the scene on the stage or podium. A magician may not have any idea about supernatural things and may not be even a spiritual person. However, a true shaman and a genuine witch are interested in the metaphysical world around us and are hoping to communicate with others (physical and spiritual) in a good, kind and joyful way to allow all of us to enjoy everything that life offers us. Hope I have answered your question to your satisfaction. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Michael Boger says:

    Shamanism is actually very different from Witchcraft. Shamans are religious specialists who have the ability to enter a trance state in order to communicate with, and appease spirits that inhabit the seen and unseen worlds. They do this for the purposes of healing, protection from evil spirits, fertility, and for the guidance of souls of the dead. The key difference between Shamans and Witches is that Shamans enter this trance on behalf of the community. Witchcraft, however, is very individualistic and only benefits the one practicing it.

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