Difference between white and black magick)

I was wondering what the difference between white and black magic is.

Greetings! You do have a very good question! It is very important for a witch to know the difference between black and white magick. Your future depends on it! One of the laws by which witches operate is known as the Three fold law. This law states that whatever we do is returned to us three-fold!! So if you are a wise witch, you will try to learn the ways to determine what are good spells and what are not. Witches get so good that mere thoughts can create situations that they didn’t mean to create. So we have to be careful to not even think negatively. Here are some guidelines on how to decide what is evil and what are good intentions: When you visualize any outcome, try to think of all the people who will benefit from this spell or ritual. Also rack your brains to find out who may be hurt by your thoughts or actions related to this ritual. If there is even ONE person who is hurt by your ritual, then you are performing black magick. White magick helps, heals and strengthens people and relationships while black magick hurts, damages and weakens relationships among people as well as our own relationships. Black magick is that action which controls another human being or spirit of affects them negatively with or without our intentions. This means that you could hurt someone without being aware of it. What we do to others comes back to us. So even if you are performing a ritual on behalf of another person, the negative returns will affect your life too. If, at any time of your life, you wonder why you are suffering so much, think of what you may have done previously to hurt someone.. Immediately do a peace ritual to heal this person or animal or other entity and your joy may be restored. Hope this helps you understand the differences between black and white magick. Brightest Blessings!

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