Do I get powers like on Charmed?

i need to know if i become a wicca or witch can i have powers like frezzing and seeing the furture and stuff like dat

Wicca and witchcraft are not what is depicted on television shows like Charmed. Though the writers of the series borrowed heavily from witchcraft and wiccan traditions, the supernatural powers that accompany the development of your faith are not so obvious and world-changing as the sisters on Charmed.

Wicca and witchcraft rely on more subtle forms of supernatural abilities; some people do ahve precognition (seeing the future), but generally not in the graphic, clear flashes like Phoebe. Instead, it can be a subtle feeling that you should take an alternate route to work, even though you go the same way every day, that keeps you from being involved in a major traffic accident or a bad storm.

Many also receive guidance from their dreams or the world around them. Rarely does it come in the form of a visual apparition or an auditory voice. Instead, Wiccans and witches find the strength within themselves to make the decisions that they need to make. They get sage advice from other pagans or perhaps the answer simply strikes them out of nowhere.

The magic is often subtle and not visible to the prying eyes of the non-believers, but it does work. Peope become “luckier” after casting a spell for wealth or an offensive person moves away after a witch casts a protection spell. 

Magic happens, but if you are looking to become Phoebe, Piper, or Paige, I suggest heading to Hollywood as that is simply make believe.


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  1. Ashlyn says:

    People need to realize that Charmed is not reality, yet kids make believe.

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