Do spells from the internet work?

Hi Rose, I have a love spell which i got from the internet. Spell, In the ocean sea ,there live four brothers ,four winds: the first northen ,the second eastern,the third western and the wind of south.O winds,bring on (lover’s name) sorrow and dreariness so that without me she may not be able to spend a day nor pass an hour. should chant these lines by burning a red candle and concentrating thoughts on lover. Does this spell work.Can u pls let me know about this.

Greetings! This is a love spell that forces your lover to have sorrow and dreariness if she is without you. I would like to offer some cautionary advice that I would like to add before you work this spell. 1. Does your lover know you? Have you met? If you have not met this person, this spell may not work because this person may already have another lover. Even if the spell works, this may have the effect of an evil spell if she is already in love with another person. This will not only affect you negatively, it will also result in tragedy. 2. If you have met her in person, do you know if she is interested in you? If she is interested in you, why not wait until the relationship is on a solid foundation before you take it further? For any relationship, there needs to be some “glue” that makes it stick. We all want strong, stable relationships, now flimsy, fly by the night ones, right? To have a solid relationship, we need to have some common interests, we should like each other’s company and also have similar goals. Only though conversation and getting to know each other can you learn about this person’s life and her dreams. You know what would be a great idea? If you can actually meet her in person, get yourself introduced to her through a mutual friend and then try to spend time with her. Only if she is interested in you, would you need to carry this relationship further. Then you can perform a positive spell to attract love. Do not add words like “bring sorrow” etc, but focus on the opposite, you could say “Let boundless joy arise in her when she is with me” etc. Use positive and words emotions for both lovers. Hope this helps Brightest Blessings!

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