Do spells work regardless of distance?

Hi..My question is,,when the spell caster ..cast spells being in different continent and cast spells for us..does it works ,,regardless of distance?

There is nothing in magick that requires proximity to the subject of the spell. That means, yes, you can be on a different continent than the person you are casting for and the spell will work fine.

The reason for this is that the main power of magick is a person’s belief and Faith in it. If you believe in the magick, then it can work regardless of where it is being cast from. Magick is no confined to the physical world, so physical emasures like distance have no impact on its effectiveness.

Magick is about the spiritual realm and the distance between continents in a spiritual sense could be nothing more than a few steps. The key to making a spell work is having Faith that it is going to and accepting that you may not initially understand how the spell worked.

For example, if you are casting a love spell, thinking that you are going to attract a certain person, the Lord and Lady may decide to fill your life with love from a totally different source. You may think that you need to win the lottery to solve your money problems and the Universe may decide that you really need financial counseling to solve your money troubles.

The key to magick is understanding that it does not always work the way you think it will, but it does work. you just have to believe.

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