Do spirits and ghosts have auras?

do ghost and spirits have auras?,and if they do what are the colors and thier meanings? The reason I am asking is because my boyfriend saw a black ball of light with a violet out linning flotting throu owr bed room.

Hello there dear, Do spirits and ghosts have auras? Well, I would have to say yes, given that is the majority of what we can still perceive of a ghost or spirit. The aura, or the residual energies that never fully dissipate, even when we shuffle off this mortal coil and pass on into the next world…. As to the color of the aura surrounding the ghost or spirit… I do not believe that there are any hard and fast rules as to one color of aura meaning a particular thing and another meaning something else so much as it is simply reflective of the mood and personality of the spirit or ghost that you are perceiving (or in this case, that your boyfriend is seeing)…. So, rather than concern yourself with the color of the aura that your boyfriend saw, it seems to me that the real question is why the spirit chose to manifest itself to your boyfriend in the first place and why it did so in your bedroom…. Generally spirits and ghosts do not present themselves to people without very good reason. The reason is usually that there is something that they are wanting to let the people know or something that they wish to communicate to the person they are showing themselves to…. Thus it falls to you and your boyfriend to try to determine what it is that this spirit or ghost is trying to communicate to you….

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  1. Mary says:

    a friend of mine can see aura’s [me too but not so good as her] when we visited berlin with school we went to an old prison where people were put in and tortured because they wanted to pass the berlin wall and she saw a lot of aura’s of spirits and she said she could hear them aswell, she was very scared and I became a bit uncomfterable aswell…

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