Do we need an alter to cast spells?

hello miss, im just starting witchcraft at 15 and i need to set up my very own alter. however…my mother doesnt approve even when i explain that im not worshipping the devil and other silly beliefs like that. anywho! i must keep my magik abit concealed to keep her comfortable,i was wondering if the box i keep my spells in,would work as a “mini-alter”. its blessed,and i feel at ease with it. i guess what im trying to say is,can we use anything as an alter,or does it have to be specific? sorry for the long explination but thank you for your time. may we meet again. Blessed be, kitty

Merry Meet Kitty,
It is wonderful to hear that you are a strong, intelligent person, who, at 15 knows exactly what you want from life. You are correct when you say that you dare not publicly practice your new knowledge that brings you joy, health and happiness.
As you may know, the whole world is our altar. Everywhere we look, we can see the Universe with its beautiful trees, Water, Air and the Earth that sustains us. There is nothing more sacred than the Universe. If you cannot have an indoor alter, you may have an outdoor one if you have some land around your house. On the other hand, you can also just use your internal sacred space whenever you need it. No one can disturb you there! :)
Yes, as you have mentioned, your box of spells may also be your mini -altar. If that is what you prefer, you can choose to work all of your spells by your mini-altar. What matters is how deeply you can immerse your spirit into your sacred space which is the way to your spell-workings.
Some people just go to the seashore, a mountain, a place where there is a cool breeze or even in a basement which is close to the Earth so that they can cast their spells. Wherever we are, the elements help us get focused. The Earth, Wind, Fire, Water combine with our spirit to CREATE what we need. However, it is not just our guardians or friends who help us succeed in Spells. What matters is how we have lived until now. Our spirit is more powerful when we have done many good deeds. Each of our good deeds give us “points” to move forward to the next level and create our thoughts easily.
Brightest Blessings.

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