Do Wiccan names have to associate with the Earth?

hello rose i’ve been wondering about the inner name. i’ve found my inner name but a friend of mine has been looking for one and she decided to take roxxie, because of a character in a movie. my question is do all wiccan names have to assicate with the earth?

Merry Meet. I know that it is not easy to find a wiccan name for ourselves. Some people are fortunate enough to think of a name and then stick to it, but most people who are in a hurry to find themselves a wiccan name may contemplate on one and then decide that its not good enough. What you may need to do is to just wait it out. If you are patient enough, your name will shine through the entire spectrum of names and you will know for sure that the name is actually calling out to you! Deciding on a Wiccan name can take a while. Wiccan names do not have to associate with the Earth. However, is has to be a part of your spirit forever. It describes your spirit to others. If you are not sure what your characteristics are , then spend some time listening to what others say about you. Do they say that you are a dreamer, a practical one or someone who is deeply spiritual? What kind of animal or bird do they associate with you? If you could be an animal, which one would you be? What brings peace to your mind? and so on… Usually, people who think this way usually end up with names that originate in the Earth. However, people also include planet names, star and other galaxy names and so on. It is your name, so no one can tell you what to call yourself. Just remember that the name says all about you, maybe some of your hopes and aspirations and may be even your destiny. Hope this helps answer your question. Brightest Blessings.

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    Do i need candles for my spells ?

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