Do witches believe in a God or Goddess

Do you have to believe in a God or Goddess to practice Witchcraft?

Merry Greetings! Witchcraft is the way of life that encourages people to use their inherent powers to influence the orderly sequence of cosmic rhythms that create everything in life. We do not have to believe in a God or Goddess to practice Witchcraft. In the early ages, there was no difference between religion and magick. All religions invoked deities who were expected to listen to our wishes and make them come true. Most people had implicit faith in their own power and this faith made them move mountains. Most deities worshipped were symbolized by natural things like rocks and trees. With the arrival of priesthood, the powers of the common people were negated one by one. As time went on, common people gave up their powers and believed that only specially appointed priests had the power to speak to the almighty. Although the world is a big mess with the most fanatical religions playing their war games, Magick survives. We hope that it will be around for ever as it was practiced from the beginning of time. Magickal people believe that we are all part of the same energy. We are the creator and the created. We have the power to change our future. Witches believe that using our inner energies to persuade the Universe works to effect the changes that we envision. God exists within us. By invoking our own powers through meditation and positive affirmations we can increase our spirituality, bring peace and happiness to our lives as well as the lives of other souls in the Universe. Blessed Be!

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