Do witches fly on brooms?

Do brooms of witches fly,if yes send me the instructions how to fly them

Greetings! I am glad that you asked this question. Most people are curious especially because of paintings that depict witches as powerful enough to fly on brooms, etc. Witches are powerful people but we use brooms to sweep out negativity from our lives. We focus on goodness alone because we know that if we do bad things to other people, we will get even more hurt right back.. The pictures of witches on brooms came because witches like the outdoors and also love dancing in the light of the full moon. Many of the Wiccan traditions, especially those celebrated in summer, fall and spring seasons are held outdoors. In the ancient days, the spring celebrations included rites for fertility of people and crops. In these celebrations, people who lived off the land would pretend to ride on brooms, poles, mounted pitchforks, etc imitating the crops and the harvest growing higher and higher. At night, looking from far away, it would seem like people on horseback riding above the crops. So pagan traditions and festivals where people leap in the air and dance in the night probably started this belief. Being a witch is a responsibility to oneself and to the rest of the world. Do not take it lightly. It just means that we are using the powers that are inherent in each of us from time immemorial. It is up to us to make the world a better place without wars, famine or hatred,and with love, prosperity and happiness for everyone. That is the goal of witches. Hope this helps answer your question. Blessed Be

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  1. Kathy Whitaker says:

    Could you please tell me what “The Night of the Brooms” means? A woman called someone in my husband’s presence on October 14th, 2009 and told this person that it was “The Night of the Brooms”and that brooms would stand up by themselves until midnight. She said she had two standing then in her home. Thinking this was a joke the people with my husband stood up a broom and it stood there by itself! They stood another one up on a table it it also stood. They ended up with three standing. They said at about 11:45 pm that one started to waver and finally fell. The second one followed at about 11:55 and the third one at 11:59. My husband couldn’t believe this but it happened right before his eyes. He said the woman said this only happens every 60 years. Could you please give me any information you might have on this? Thanks.

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