Do you have a spell for controlling a friends mind?

Do you have a spell for controlling a friends mind, i mean to make them polite not for dark magic, I don’t want to lose her, i really like her as a friend so please help me, thanks.

Merry Meet Seeker,
Wicca is a beautiful way to live. However, one of the rules of Wicca is that the practitioners must refrain from hurting others. Controlling another human is the same as hurting them since we are manipulating their will.
As you can see, even if you are trying to make your friend like you and be polite, you will be changing her will especially if she is not planning to change at all. How would you like it if she works on a spell that will change you into somebody you do not wish to be?
Controlling another person’s will can only bring sorrow to the person who is responsible for it. Remember that the Universe, which is always watching us can see what we do and understand why we do it. Regardless of the reason, the Universe does not like the fact that you chose to control your friend. In such cases, you may also end up with no friends for a very long time.
So be careful what you wish and how you make it happen. Making friends is easy. Just be a friend to everyone you meet. Have no expectations of them and always be ready to help everyone. As people see that the relationship is easy and with no strings attached (no demands on the friendship) they will be attracted to you and wish you were always there for them.
I hope you will be able to bring your friend back by being a good friend to her.
Brightest Blessings

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  1. Orla says:

    Just shut up and give us the spell!

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