Do you have any supernatural powes?

hi my name is mike and i was woundering if you have any supernatural powers?

Hi Mike,

Like most Wiccans and pagans, I believe that all people have some abilities that others might classify as supernatural. Most of us believe that these are natural abilities that through years of supression have become dormant and we need to encourage them to flourish again.

For instance, many people have a “sixth sense” or form of extrasensory perception, but they often ignore it or explain it away in some sort of “logical” manner.  Because most of society considers people who exhibit and trust these abilities to be crazy, many people either call it a gut instinct, or don’t explain it at all. However, most of them still trust their first impression.

A great many people also experince a pseudo-supernatural ability to tell the future through their dreams. Again, the more scientific members of society try to explain these things away by saying that our subconscious picks up on clues that our conscious mind ignores and that we are not realling telling the future so much as predicting a likely outcome based on observed behaviors.

All that mumbo-jumbo aside, yes, I am working to heighten my senses to a degree that others might call supernatural. I do not pretend to be able to do parlor tricks such as guessing which card is next in the deck, but I can sense when things are about to happen and have been able to prevent tragedies in my own life by taking a different route or delaying an event until the danger is over.

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