Do you know a good weight loss spell?

Is there a spell to lose weight? do you have to be a “true” practitionar of wicca to do it?

Remember that these need to be done repeatedly to get results, and in conjunction with diet and exercise. Sorry to admit that its not a ‘cure all’ to lose weight. We all wish there was a simple way.

A Potato Spell to Lose Weight

You will need:

* Anise Seeds or Licorice
* Potato

Potatoes are ruled by the Moon and endowed with the properties of protection and compassion. They will work against your natural tendency to be cruel or unkind to yourself. It will also help you to avoid being too hard on yourself in your attempts to lose weight. This is important to make sure you don’t hurt your body. Peel a potato and carve the number of pounds you want to lose in the potato. Continue carving the potato into a human form. You do not need to be an artist to do this. Making poppets is a form of sympathetic majick that has been around for centuries. Place a lock of your hair on the head of the potato in order to create a majickal link between you and the potato doll. Use a knife, mark the potato doll with x’s in the places that represent the parts of your body which you want to slim down. Use the anise or licorice to form a mouth. Anise is the preferred item to use since it is a natural appetite suppressant. Keep the potato doll until you have reached your goal. This spell should be done each week and you need to set a different goal for yourself each week. This spell is the most powerful from the full Moon to a waning Moon, during the time of decrease. As the crescent grows smaller, so will you.

Remember that Wiccans are only supposed to perform a spell to affect themselves not someone else. They should only perform spells to affect their own life in a positive way. You need to focus on the spell and to concentrate on what you are trying to accomplish. If there is a Wiccan near you, it would be wonderful to talk to them about how they cast spells. Each Wiccan perform spells differently and in a way that speaks to them, and you need to do the same thing. This will come with time, experience and experimentation. If you are doing something and it feels wrong, make some adjustments in the words or actions.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Fellow Wiccan says:

    I recently foun this spell where you take a fresh potato (not eaten or cut). You must carve your nam into it, and as you peel it, imagine yourself loseing the amount of pounds you dont want. And it has to be done during the waxing moon ( so tomarrow night june 19th would be perfect)

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