Do you know of Covens in Ontario Canada?

Greetings Rose: I was wondering if you have a list of any other Pagan/Wiccan’s in my area of Niagara Region, ON Canada. I would like to be included into a coven so maybe that if I’m doing a spell or ritual wrong, they can help teach me the right way. if you know of any, can you possibly pass on my email address to them. Thank you.

Your best bet to meet the like minded in your area is to hit the local occult bookstore in your town or the nearest town that would have one. Google it, “bookstores in Ontario, Canada” you can probably even narrow it to “occult bookstores” these people usually have notices up for discussion groups which lead to introductions to other practitioners. I know there’s plenty in NY. Be careful and take your time getting to know people before even suggesting anything about a coven, and be wary of those who would have you join their coven immediately. Covens are like big families, and trust is a huge part of a successful coven. You must be able to trust and feel comfortable within any group.

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