Do you know Silver Ravenwolf?

Do you know Silver Ravenwolf?…..I’m just asking out of wanting to know.

Nope. I have read many of her works and have a great respect for her as an instructor in the Craft, but we have never met. Her books are insightful, funny and very, very instructional. She is perhaps the single best source available for people seeking a very basic introduction to Witchcraft. She is frank and direct, calling out those who would use the Craft as a game or a joke. She takes pride in the religious element and amkes certain that her readers pay tribute to the appropriate powers. Her writing is simple and easy to understand, making it ewasy for young people to read about the Craft without being confused. And, her writing is engaging, making those familiar with the Craft willing to read her books for new ideas, different versions of favored spells, or just a simple reassurance of their faith. Others who write about the Craft soemtimes take themselves too seriously or have so long been persecuted for their belief systems, that they cannot or do not write in an interesting manner. Ms. Ravenwolf takes care to provide her readers with good informaiton, accurate spells and a history of the Craft without boring us to tears in the process. That does not mean she is the only good writer out there, but many others are a struggle to read. However, it is good to try to read the works of many different Wiccan and Pagan authors to get a broad sense of the religion and the Witchcraft community.

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