Do you need a license for handfasting?

My daughters religion is pagan and she is getting married in hand fasting ceremony but she tells us there is no license required. Do you have any info on this? Leslie

Hi Leslie- There is no license required because Hand fasting, much like same sex marriages, are not recognized by the United States–I am assuming that’s where you are–I have been hand fasted for many years and we are not recognized as a couple. The original handfasting took place between a couple and was good for a year and a day, if, after that time, the couple wished to stay together, they just kept going, if they wanted to separate, they jumped backward over the broom. Hand fasting is a promise the couple make to each other, and not recognized by anywhere but within the practitioner community.

Most people who get hand fasted also obtain a traditional marriage license and have it signed by a justice of the peace with no ceremony to make the marriage “legitimate.” If your daughter and future son in law want medical benefits, joint tax returns, etc, I suggest both.

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