Do you see a baby in my future?

Hi My name is Ashley m Pack and I’m a wiccan .and me and my bf are trying to have a baby for almost a year now. we have not had any luck so far.. but way before i ever met him. i had a dream that i gave birth to a baby boy who looked just like him in the face and i have never seen him before.. I question for you is???? do you see a baby in my future with him??? please get back with me asap…

Merry Meet Ashely. Many of us have at one time or another wondered if we will ever have children. Women tend to do that more because we love to take care of babies (well, many of us yearn to have them). So it is not a question of whether you will have a baby. It is a question of how to wish for babies. Remember, “wanting” something creates more want because the Universe is built that way. So if you keep thinking, “I want a baby, I want a baby”, you will always stay in that stage of “want”. However, if you stop worrying about having a baby and start to eat well, exercise well and feel pretty good that you have a loving partner along with accepting all other positive aspects of your life with gratitude, your body will adapt to the “accepted” and satisfied feeling to which the Universe responds immediately. Most of us worry about “not having something”. Those of us who are intuitive know that only when we visualize an outcome as something that has ALREADY happened, does it come into our reality. We WILL it to occur and emerge into our life. Here is a spell to increase that occurrence: Collect the three herbs that are harbingers of fertility – Basil, Lemon balm and Parsley. Get some nuts such as pine nuts or walnuts. Grind or chop the herbs in a food processor. Add the nuts and some garlic for good luck. Add olive oil, a bit at a time, mixing and blending until a pesto like consistency is achieved. Use if over whole grain pasta along with some grated parmesan cheese. If you enjoy this pasta often, with fish or meat, you will become more fertile as the days go by. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. JP says:

    When I was 15 I had a dream where I saw myself giving birth to a child then turning my head to the right and saw that child at about age 3 myself giving birth 2
    more times, knowing that the father was there could not see his face. 2 weeks after I saw a doctor and he told me I could never have kids. 1 year after I got married I got pregnant and some how I knew what my baby would look like that is when I remember that dream that confort me when I felt down about being told I would never be a mom.

    Just so you know I had my children as in my dream (meaning the age difference) I have 3 boys, but I do understand what the doctors have said because I had 5 miscarriages.

  2. Johanna Perez says:

    Hi, Rose. I’m wanted to know do you see anymore children in my future besides the 3 I already have. Can you please let me know what you see? Thanks.

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