Does Black magic really exist?

is black magic really true i want to get deeper relating this and over the past few days strange things bappening

Merry Meet Seeker, Many of us are aware that Magick is a source of power. All beings (human, animal, inanimate objects, etc) have energies that they can manipulate to their benefit. The power that resides in us may be used for benevolent purposes or for evil purposes. However, who are we to decide what is benevolent and what behaviour constitutes evil? Let us take the classic example of two countries at war. Ask any person on either side and they will say that they are “correct” even though they are killing human beings for silly reasons. Many people believe that if we put all the mothers in each of the countries in the same room without giving away their identities, the wars will soon stop because each mother will identify with the others and try to stop the hatred. Similarly, magick that is directed with harmful intentions towards us is called black magick. The Universe works with energy and is not concerned whether it is black or any other color. When people wish harm on others, the Universe naturally sends them harmful energies in return following the principle of give and take (or equal return). One of the reasons why we are asked not to dabble in black magick or hurtful magick is because the Universe will take care of it. If you are worried about someone doing black magic against you, it is best to do a protection spell which will keep you from harm regardless of where the evil energies may come from. Hand of Power Spell Get a piece of parchment or natural paper Draw a hand on it with an eye in the center of the hand. If you happen to have it at home, use a bit of yellow sulphur for the eye. Or use kohl or black paint. Inscribe the hand with sacred verses, magickal chants or protective runes. Carry it with you at all times. This should keep you from harm wherever you go. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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